Can You Identify the Dog Breed From Its Face?


By: Heather Cahill

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The face is often a part of a dog that we refer to as "cute." Their faces have a way of making us melt and go "awwwww." But sometimes, when you meet a dog on the street, you might even have to ask the owner what breed it is! Sometimes it'll be an outrageously adorable mutt, and other times, a purebred you've never heard of. No matter what, they're all pretty adorable.

If you're an expert on dog breeds, then you'll probably have no trouble telling a Greyhound apart from a Whippet. But the tricky part would be whether or not you could tell them apart from their faces only. While some dogs, like pugs, have easily recognizable faces, you might find that others like a Shiba Inu and an Akita can be difficult to tell apart. You'll have to pay attention to their most defining features in order to get these questions right. Eyes, noses, or ears can be giveaways that you should look for.

Think you're up for the challenge of identifying all of these adorable faces? If you think that you can do it without getting distracted, then you'll probably ace this one. Take the quiz to find out if you can earn yourself a dog bone!

One giveaway of this cute face is the spots. Do you know which spotted dog breed this face is?

A trip to the fire station might let you get a glimpse of these gorgeous pups. Outside of the firehouse, they're great at many activities and are awesome when it comes to training. You might not recognize them as puppies, as they are born without their signature spots!


Which of the following dog breeds is partly famous because of a cartoon show?

That famous Scooby-Doo voice might come to mind when someone tells you that they have a Great Dane. One little known fact about the breed is that despite their enormous size, they are extremely gentle and not very aggressive.


Cute and tiny, these little dogs make great companions. What breed is it?

Andy Warhol was a huge fan of the breed and had one of his own that tagged along with him pretty often. While they may be small, they were also used regularly for hunting. Despite their size, they also have a larger than life personality!


These good looking dogs have coats that change with age. Which breed are they?

Weimaraners are known for their gorgeous, solid colors. But did you know that as puppies they have stripes? Don't be alarmed if you notice one losing the stripes, they're supposed to lose them with age.


Another adorable dog breed from Japan, this dog is know as what?

The Shiba Inu is quite similar to the Akita, so don't get them confused! They were actually used for many of the same things. One example is that in their native Japan, both breeds were used in bear hunting.


This breed takes a little more time to become an adult than most breeds. Which of the following are they?

It's hard to resist the adorable face of a Boxer. Just ask Justin Timberlake, who is the proud owner of a few. The Boxer originated from another breed that got its start in Germany.


A breed that originated in Japan, can you name this beautiful dog?

One type of Akita is the Japanese Akita, while the other is the American. American Akitas have a bigger build than the Japanese Akitas, but they share many similarities. For example, both Akitas are extremely clean and often compared to cats.


One popular breed, these pups are chosen by so many families in the United States. What breed is shown here?

The breed has a total of three different colors that the dogs can come in, black, chocolate and yellow. One thing that makes them unique is that in some litters, you can get all three colors, so you don't have to seek out a parent with the color you're looking for.


Lean and fit dogs, which breed that is known for their speed is this?

There are many awesome things about the Whippet. For example, they can run at great speeds, so if you own one, make sure to keep a close eye on them. They can be gone pretty quickly.


There's one very famous cartoon character on television that is known to be this breed. Do you know which one is shown here?

Though he might not have resembled one very closely, Snoopy is, in fact, a beagle. Great at sniffing things out, the government usually enlists their help to ensure public safety and the safety of the country.


Which dog pictured here is known for their unique looking ears?

These cute little dogs are pretty popular, but did you know that they were also popular with French royalty? More specifically, a trip to the Palace of Versailles at the time of Marie Antoinette would have resulted in you getting a glimpse at her dog, Coco.


Known for being very skilled at herding, what dog breed matches this precious face?

Border collies are a great help down on a farm. It's hard to find a better dog to help with the herding of the animals. These dogs are smart enough to have a few different techniques of intimidation to have the livestock do what they want.


With an instinct to chase, these dogs are great on the farm. Which breed is shown here?

These pups make perfect companions, but there are a few things to be prepared for if you're ever going to own one. Their instinct tells them to bark when something is happening like when a stranger enters your homes. While this is a good thing in most cases, it's something to be prepared for anyway.


One type of dog from the bigger category of this breed is shown here. What is it?

The wire fox terrier is one version of the fox terrier while the other is the smooth fox terrier. These dogs have a great track record with the American Kennel Club, where they've taken the Best in Show multiple times over the years.


With thick fur to keep them warm, this pup is no stranger to the cold. Which breed is this pup?

Alaskan malamutes are more than just a cuddly face. While you might associate a husky with sledding, these pups are known to be great at the activity as well. If only they had a role in the movie "Sled Dogs!"


What breed shown here was used to bait bulls?

Unfortunately, these cute dogs were once subject to cruel treatment when they were used as bait for bulls. Thankfully, this has stopped in most regions of the world and now we get to enjoy the companionship of these awesome dogs.


Can you name this patriotic dog breed that is shown here?

Massachusetts is the home of these dogs who get their name from the city of Boston. Their roots in America don't end there either. The little dogs get the credit of being the first breed created in the country.


Which dog breed which is known for its inability to bark is shown here?

Coming from Africa, this breed was used for hunting small game. If you own one of these dogs, you're in for a treat, but it's important that you're prepared. One thing that they are great at is getting out of places, like fenced areas.


One of the many German breeds, can you name this cute face?

Leonbergers are loyal dogs that are quite similar to Great Danes in that they are big, but their heart is even bigger. Instead of saying that their bite is worse than their bark, it's actually quite the opposite!


Not only a great guard dog, but also a great companion, which of the following breeds is shown here?

Though they resemble big teddy bears, these dogs can pack quite the punch if you look like danger. In fact, the Neapolitan Mastiff is so good at protecting, that they serve and protect alongside the police in Italy.


Tiny, but with lots of personality, which dog breed is this?

Chihuahuas are as small as it gets when it comes to dogs. Despite being so small, they also have a long lifespan for a dog. Gidget, the dog famous for Taco Bell ads, lived to be 15 years old.


Often getting a bad rap, these dogs can be pretty sweet. What is the name of their famous breed?

Though pit bulls are often considered to be dangerous, the opposite is actually true. Pit bulls love people as much as we love them, they just have to be socialized like any other dog breed. Once they are, they're as sweet as can be!


Small, but very athletic, which dog breed is pictured here?

Jack Russell terriers take jumping to a whole new level. It's not hard for them to jump to crazy heights in the air, they are very athletic. It can make for a great trick at parties, or to show house guests also!


Known for their speed when running, which cute breed is pictured here?

Tall and nimble, these dogs know how to get where they need to be pretty quickly. Traveling at 40 kilometers per hour when running at their top speed, they could definitely knock someone down, though it's very unlikely that they will!


You don't have to live here to own one, but hopefully you can name them! Which large dog breed is shown here?

Canada is known for a variety of different breeds, with the Newfoundland being just one of them. Newfoundlands are large dogs, so they're not great to keep in apartments. Like any large dog, they need a pretty big yard to run off their steam.


From a place with a similar name, which cute dog breed is this?

Pomeranians have been loved by many throughout history. Even Michelangelo had one, who got to witness the process of his great masterpieces. The dogs were once larger than we know them to be today and actually downsized over the years.


What is the name of this dog who is the same breed as the famous Beethoven?

Despite being famous because of the great Beethoven that we all know and love, these dogs are so much more helpful than you think. They are incredible as rescue dogs for many reasons, with just one being that their sense of smell is unmatched.


What dog breed that is usually high in price is shown here?

You've heard of the gentle giants, but the Maltese is a tiny dog with a huge heart. This is one great attribute of a therapy dog, which is a job that these dogs hold pretty often. It suits them since they have so much love to give!


Make sure to bow to this dog breed because they were once known as royalty. Can you name the breed from this adorable little face?

While all dogs deserve to be treated like royalty, pugs are royalty in China. In fact, they have been treated like royalty around the world as well. It's hard for even an Emperor or King to resist that adorable little face.


Which Spitz breed that is great in colder climates is shown here?

Norwegian Elkhounds are fluffy dogs that are thought to have walked the Earth for thousands of years. If we could time travel, you'd probably find one walking among those living at the time.


It could be easily confused with another dog breed that shares some similarities with it. Can you choose the right breed that matches the dog shown here?

There's nothing a husky loves more than running through the snow. In fact, they love running so much that they don't get tired. Keep that in mind if you ever play tag with one, you may not catch them!


It's easy to get them mixed up with another breed, but do you think you can identify the correct one?

One easy way to recognize a basset hound is by their large ears. You may think their ears are for hearing, you'd be right. While that's their main purpose, they're also important in helping the dog pick up scents.


One of the oldest dog breeds in the world, which dog breed is this?

Like many dogs of ancient origins, the Saluki was thought to be very high status in Egypt. In fact, they were found in more than just Egypt, but they were also in ancient Mesopotamia.


The dog shown here can be American or French. Do you know which breed it is?

Brittanys are very active dogs who love to run. You could say that this stems from their history of being hunting dogs, where they were used specifically for birds. They're medium sized dogs that make great pets.


A dog that originated in China, can you match the breed to this sweet face?

Living in China in the past and owning one of these cute dogs could have resulted in your death if you were caught. While we enjoy the company of them today without consequences, at that time you had to have been royalty to keep one.


Cuba might come to mind when you hear this name. Can you name this small dog breed?

Love dogs, but have allergies to them? Then the Havanese could be the perfect dog for your needs. While your allergies won't completely vanish with one of these dogs by your side, they trigger them a little less.


Though they could be considered more fur than dog, which breed is pictured here?

If you want a great guard dog and protector, then the Tibetan mastiff is the perfect dog for you. Despite being very protective, there's no fear with them around kids. They love them a whole lot!


It's hard to find a dog fluffier than this one. Which breed is shown here?

It's hard to find a con to owning a Samoyed. They are awesome family dogs and their truly adorable on top of that. Despite their large size, they're usually great with kids and love to play.


These dogs are pretty famous on the internet, but what breed are they?

Corgis look a lot like a larger version of a Dachshund, but they are much different. If you're a Corgi owner, there are many different events for you to enjoy with your dog. For example, there's an event for all Corgis and their owners in California every year!


Unique, but great looking dogs, can you tell the breed from this nice face?

They come in various colors and they originate in Hungary. The dogs are known for their signature fur that is like no other dog in the world. Just like any dog, it's important to keep them well groomed.


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