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The world is a big wonderful place. Whether it's your own backyard or halfway across the world, there are lots of things to see and explore. Seeing the most famous landmarks in the world is a priority for many travelers. They inspire wonder in those who behold them.

One of these landmarks is the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this archaeological marvel was the home of the Khmer Empire for seven centuries. It is number seven of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the most famous religious monuments. When it was first built, the king dedicated it to the Hindu god, Vishnu. Later, its caretakers repurposed it for Buddhism. Even as it's changed, it is still a thing of beauty.

Another breathtaking wonder of the world is the Roman Colosseum. This ancient amphitheater was a spectacle when it was first built and still is. It remains after both natural disasters and human-made ones.

There is so much history behind these places and others that draw people to them year after year. Travelers go to soak in what they have to offer. Take our quiz and see how much your travels have taught you!

Surrounded by water, this spot makes for a peaceful Australian artists' haven. Do you know its name?

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, opening in 1973. The fact that it wasn't even complete didn't stop American singer and actor Paul Robeson from serenading the construction workers in 1960 with "Ol' Man River" during their lunch break.


This Indian architectural gem is a monument to love. Can you tell us its name?

The Taj Mahal is a national treasure and one of the New Seven Wonders of the world. It took over 20,000 workers around 20 years to build this mausoleum for the Emperor Shah Jahan's late wife, Mumtaz.


This ancient Jordanian capital was a "Lost City" underground. What's it called?

The architects of the city of Petra knew a thing or two about city planning for the seat of the Nabataean Empire. They devised sophisticated waterways and tunnels that formed human-made water in the middle of a desert.


This monument to a religious icon keeps watch over Rio de Janeiro. Could you tell us its name?

The 98-foot-tall Christ the Redeemer statue is closely associated with Rio and Brazil. Started by the Catholic Church in Rio, the first stone was laid on the summit of Mount Corcovado in 1921. Construction began in 1926 and finished in 1931.


This enclosure in Beijing is the longest in the world. Can you say what it's called?

The English translation of the Chinese name for the Great Wall of China is "Long Wall." It's appropriate because the wall comes in at a length of 13,170 miles. It was built to protect the Qin dynasty.


The colorful turban-like domes that sit on top of this building stand out in Moscow's Red Square. Do you know it?

St. Basil's Cathedral is an iconic symbol of Russian architecture. It was named after a saint who was known as the "holy fool," and even Ivan the Terrible both feared and respected him at the same time.


This recognizable reddish landmark connects two California counties. Can you name it?

The Golden Gate Bridge's original reddish-orange hue was initially supposed to be a temporary primer color. But one of the architects preferred the unusual "international orange" color.


This lopsided structure of Italy makes a great photo-op for tourists. Do you know its name?

Construction on the Leaning Tower of Pisa began in the late 12th century and took over 200 years to complete. Originally, it was intended to stand straight but took to a side angle over time as it was being built. It stands in an area called the Square of Miracles.


God Save the Queen! Can you tell us what this royal residence in London is called?

As the days of monarchs dwindle around the world, Buckingham Palace still thrives and has stood the test of time to remain a working royal palace. One of the main attractions of this site is the changing of the guard.


Do you know the name of this ancient Incan maze of a city nestled in the Andes?

Macchu Pichu is a living testament to Incan ingenuity. The sprawling stone structure was built 8,047 feet above sea level on top of a mountain. Because of the elevation, it's recommended that visitors spend the night in a nearby town before trekking to the sight.


On top of a treacherous hill in Athens sits the ruins of Ancient Greece. Do you remember it?

The Acropolis seems like it was pulled out of the stories of Greek mythology. The ruler Pericles built it during the "golden age" of Athens as a tribute to the city and the goddess, Athena.


The magnum opus of Antoni Gaudi is the pride of Barcelona. What do you call it?

Barcelona's most famous architect, Gaudi, started his colossal masterpiece La Sagrada Familia in 1882 and is now in its final stage of construction. Project architects estimate the famous temple will finally be complete in 2026.


This American monument has the faces of four of the greatest US presidents. Can you say its name?

Mount Rushmore is a landmark in the Black Hills of the state of South Dakota. The carved heads of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln stand an imposing 60 feet tall of Harney Peak granite.


The sandy triangular edifice in Egypt is known to the world as what?

Older than 4,000 years old, The Great Pyramid of Giza and the other pyramids were among the great mysteries of the world for centuries. It is one of the few structures of the ancient world still standing.


What is the name of the tallest building in the world, which towers over Dubai?

At 2,716 feet high, the Burj Khalifa has the distinction of being the tallest free-standing building on the planet. Tourists can see the glitz and glitter of Dubai from one of 160 stories.


This gift from France welcomes the newly arrived at Ellis Island. Can you name it?

One of the most famous landmarks of the United States, the government of France gave the Statue of Liberty to the U.S. in 1886 to commemorate the friendship between the two nations. It is also a worldwide emblem of freedom.


This ancient rocky landmark in the countryside of England is around 4,500 years old. What do you call it?

Situated 88 miles outside of London, Stonehenge is less than a day away from the city but couldn't be more different from its urban neighbor. It took ancient people around 1,000 years to build, and no one really knows what prehistoric societies used it for.


This Vietnamese pearl on uninhabited waters sits 100 miles away from Hanoi. Can you tell us its name?

Ha Long Bay is 168 square miles comprised of over 1,600 limestone islands on beautiful, clear green and turquoise waters. The spellbinding caves and caverns are scattered all over the bay.


This iconic iron tower in the City of Light is one of the world's most visited destinations. Do you know its name?

The Eiffel Tower has come to be one of the enduring symbols of Paris. The original purpose of the tower was to display French industrial might at the World's Fair of 1889, and then it was to be destroyed after 20 years. Clearly, the government changed its mind.


What is the name of the green and black bullet tower in London's financial district?

The Swiss Re Building, also known as the Gherkin due to its striking resemblance to a pickle, is constructed of 10,000 tons of steel. At 500,000 square feet, it stands out along the London Skyline.


This landmark of NYC commemorates a 2001 tragedy that was one of the worst in U.S. history. What's it called?

Ten years after 9/11 occurred, a memorial was unveiled to honor that fateful day in American History. Two reflecting pools and 400 white oaks now occupy the space where the Twin Towers once stood.


A building shaped like a bullet and inspired by the Montserrat Mountain is one of the newest additions to the Barcelona skyline. What's the name of it?

The Torre Glories is a representation of the contemporary rebirth of Barcelona. Although many say it is similar to the Swiss Re building in London, the architect says he looked to Montserrat and La Sagrada Familia for inspiration.


This bridge, which opened in Venice on September 11, 2008, has a name familiar to the U.S. Can you say what it is?

Of the five bridges that cross the Grand Canal in Venice, the Constitution Bridge is the newest. Made of glass and marble and intended to be a footbridge, four pranksters drove a car on it in the early morning hours.


People in glass houses ... What is the name of the shimmering glass art house of Fort Worth, Texas?

Tadao Ado's unique concrete and glass structure, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is not just contemporary in its art. It's contemporary in its architecture with 40-foot glass walls sitting on a reflecting pool.


Do you know the name of the building that was specially built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

The National Stadium of Beijing, nicknamed the Bird's Nest, was not only unique for its place in history. It's even more significant because it is the biggest steel structure on the planet.


"And you say New York City ..." when you say the name of one of the world's most famous and tallest structures. What is it?

Although it was built in 1931, the Empire State Building is still in the top 50 tallest buildings in the world. On two separate observation decks, visitors can see all of New York City.


Can you name the stadium that is the pride of Munich and the 2006 World Cup?

The Allianz Arena of Munich, Germany looks like a cross between a tire and a rectangular golf ball. It is the home of the football squad, F.C. Bayern Munich and is known for lighting up in either red, white or blue at night.


This building is the second tallest in the world and is the jewel in the crown of China. Do you know it?

While the Shanghai Tower may be second in the world in height behind the Burj Khalifa, it's first in other areas. It has the highest observation deck in the globe and the fastest elevators.


"Don't go chasing waterfalls." But you might with this one in Zimbabwe because it's the world's largest. Can you name it?

Victoria Falls is impressive for its sheer magnitude. It stretches across a mile and pumps about 500 million liters of water down per minute. A local tribe called it "The Smoke that Thunders."


This building once housed works of art for the tsars of Russia but now houses art for the people. What's it called?

The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg was once the Winter Palace of the Romanovs. After the Russian Revolution, it was turned into a museum that has one of the best art collections in the world.


What is the name of a palace in Granada, Spain that has an area called the Court of the Lions?

The Alhambra wasn't just a palace for the Nasrid Dynasty. It was an ancient fortress that actually means "red fort" in Arabic and the only surviving piece of the Islamic Golden Age.


Do you know the name of the tallest mountain in Africa?

At 20,000 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro has no equal in height, but about 25,000 rock climbers try their luck every year. Those who reach the summit of Uhuru Peak, write about the moment in a book that sits in a box there.


This monument to the military of France sits on the Champs-Elysees. What's it called?

Originally initiated by Napolean in 1806, the Arc de Triomphe was completed by King Louis-Philippe in 1836. It is the cornerstone of celebration in France, especially for Bastille Day on July 14th.


Do you know the name of a famous Gothic building in the center of Brussels?

After being nearly destroyed by war, the Grand-Place of Brussels, Belgium still stands in the city center. In 1998, it was recognized by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site.


Do you know the resting place of the moai statues of Chile?

The Polynesian settlers of Easter Island, the Rapa Nui, created 900 human-like statues called "moai" in what is now Chile. It is believed that the Rapa Nui lasted until about the 16th century, but no one is sure why their civilization ended.


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