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From Twiggy's famous pixie to the haircut craze that was "The Rachel," America has seen hundreds of hairstyles come and go over the last 100-plus years. Do you remember when crimped hair was all the rage, or when the country couldn't get enough of big, fluffy bouffants and sky-high beehives? These looks would often fall out of favor over time, only to return a decade or two later to make a significant comeback. 

This quiz will challenge your recall of all kinds of hairstyles, from the sleek and stylish to the questionable and cringe-worthy. All you have to do is match them to the decade in which they were popular. You'll probably spot a few old-school looks that you used to covet — ask yourself, would you still wear these hairstyles today? Most of us are guilty of embracing fashions and fads that now seem totally out-of-the-question, particularly when it comes to hair. Don't be embarrassed. It happens to the best of us! Hindsight is 20/20, after all. Besides, some of the biggest celebs in the world sported these less-than-flattering looks. No one is immune to the passage of time and the changing of trends.

Are you ready to see how many old-school hairstyles you recognize? Grab a hairband and get to work!

When did crimped hair peak in popularity?

While the crimping iron was actually invented in 1972, this zig-zaggy hairstyle became big in the 1980s when it was sported by celebs and pop stars such as Madonna, Demi Moore and Cyndi Lauper.


Remember frosted tips? When was this men's hairstyle popular?

Blame it on the boy bands. This spiky, bleached style was massively popular with young male pop stars in the late '90s and early aughts. Just think Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Aaron Carter and Mark McGrath.


These flowing, feathered waves were everywhere during this decade.

Made famous by Farrah Fawcett when she first debuted the look on "Charlie's Angels" in 1976, this big, bouncy hairdo was emulated by women around the world during the latter part of the decade.


When were chunky highlights totally in?

Hair of the early- to mid-2000s was filled with thick, skunk-like stripes, often in an array of contrasting colors that looked anything but natural. Just Google photos of Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and even Beyonce during that time — you'll see why it was a short-lived style.


The beehive came to be during which decade?

This famous '60s style was also known as the B-52, since its conical shape resembled the nose of a B-52 bomber plane. Creating it requires teasing or backcombing a huge pile of hair which was then combed over to appear smooth.


Do you know when the bouffant was a highly sought-after hairstyle?

While it was a popular hairstyle in Western Europe in the 1700s, the modern bouffant began appearing in fashion magazines during the late 1950s. It became a widely emulated look after First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy started wearing the style at the beginning of the 1960s.


In what decade did Vidal Sassoon make history with his chic, geometric cuts?

Iconic stylist Vidal Sassoon introduced his revolutionary "wash-and-wear" haircuts in the 1960s. Chic, yet simple to maintain, they made it easy for women to quickly style their hair at home and ditch their weekly visits to the salon.


This "Friends"-inspired hairstyle was one of the most sought-after looks of which decade?

When Jennifer Aniston first wore "The Rachel" during the early seasons of "Friends," she kicked off one of the biggest hairstyle crazes of all time. Women around the globe scrambled to get this bouncy, layered cut, making it a defining hairdo of the 1990s.


When was this mid-length men's hairstyle a thing?

The mop-top hairstyle became a sensation when Beatlemania first swept the nation in 1964. The look was quickly adopted by many other all-male acts looking for success during the British Invasion.


During what decade were victory rolls in style?

This curly, face-framing updo is reportedly named for the "victory maneuver" that fighter planes carried out during World War II. It was extremely popular in the 1940s and came to symbolize the strength, perseverance and determination of women during this war-torn decade.


This was called the kiss curl. When was it popular?

Also called the spit curl, this flirty look involved flattening one curly lock of hair onto the face with saliva, soap or hair lotion. It became a hairstyle sensation thanks to Josephine Baker, who was a beloved singer and dancer during the 1920s.


Yes, indeed — it's the mullet. When was this hairstyle happening?

While musicians such as David Bowie and Rod Steward rocked the look in the '70s, the mullet became a bonafide hair sensation in the 1980s when heartthrobs like Mel Gibson, Richard Marx and John Stamos sported the style. But it didn't get its name until the '90s. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term was popularized by the 1994 Beastie Boys song, "Mullet Head."


The pixie cut was first made popular during which decade?

Iconic '60s supermodels and celebs, such as Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, and a "Laugh-In"-era Goldie Hawn made the mod, ultra-short pixie cut one of the most coveted hairstyles of the decade.


The curtain cut was a popular men's hairstyle during which decade?

First fashionable in the mid 1800s, this centrally-parted hairstyle experienced a big-time revival in the early to mid-'90s when popular actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Brendan Fraser embraced the look.


Headscarfs were huge during which decade?

Colorful headscarves with boho-chic prints were one of the most popular hair accessories of the '70s, thanks in large part to the hit TV show, "Rhoda." Played by Valerie Harper, the title character frequently wore them and inspired audiences to do the same.


The poodle cut was popular during which decade?

Resembling the curly hair of a poodle, this tightly permed style was a 1950s TV fixture. It was also sometimes referred to as "The Lucy," in honor of Lucille Ball, the red-headed actress who was famous for the look.


Thanks to the introduction of home perm kits, out-of-this-world curls became extremely popular during this decade.

During the '80s, you couldn't watch TV for more than five minutes before you saw an ad for an Ogilvie or Toni home permanent kit. The result was a major rise in high-volume hairstyles and to-the-max curls.


Pop stars rocked waterfall curls during which of the following decades?

As part of the decade's overall fascination with big hair (as well as the advent of the home perm), cascading curls were huge in the 1980s. Remember Whitney Houston in the "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" video?


Remember colored clip-in extensions? When were they all the rage?

When you weren't ready to commit to real chunky highlights in the early aughts, these clip-in extensions were the next best thing. So were colorful, clip-in feathers, which were also a big thing in the early 2000s.


Do you know when the Marcelle wave was popular?

Marcelle waves looked very similar to finger curls, however, they were created with a curling iron developed by French stylist Marcel Grateau. Originally invented in 1872, it took a number of years for the tool to be perfected before it became a common hair styler in the 1920s.


When was the Jheri curl in fashion?

Named for Jheri Redding, the hairdresser who created the curly look, this glossy, permed hairstyle was a 1980s staple. Creating it was a two-step process that involved the application of a relaxing cream to soften the hair, followed by a solution to set the curls.


Sideburns became popular during what decade?

This facial hair fad, which goes back centuries, made a major comeback in the 1950s as part of the rebellious, bad-boy greaser look made popular in TV and films. Marlon Brando in "The Wild One," which came out in 1953, is a great example.


When was the high-side ponytail a coveted look?

All you had to do was flip on the TV (or walk into a high school) to see scores of teens rocking this look. Styled with a scrunchie, it was the go-to look of the decade, along with rubber bracelets and off-the-should tops.


When did this questionable hairstyle have a short spurt of popularity?

Dubbed the rattail, this style featured a long piece of braided, dreaded or straightened hair cascading down from the back of the head. Similar in spirit to the mullet, this look embraced the same "business in the front, party in the back" attitude.


This pin-straight, waist-length hairstyle was popular during which of the following decades?

This was Cher's signature '70s look when she was rocking and rolling alongside then-husband Sonny Bono on "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour." She sometimes pulled her mane back into a massive ponytail so it wouldn't distract from her gleaming, sequined gowns.


When did the pageboy cut become popular?

Pin-up model Bettie Page was one of the stars responsible for popularizing this stylish look from the 1950s. It featured clean-cut bangs, medium- to shoulder-length hair, and an inward curl at the ends.


Finger waves first appeared during which of the following decades?

Popular in both the 1920s and '30s, finger waves were easy to create and put a soft, flirty spin on the classic bobbed hairstyles of the flapper era. The style resurfaced in the 1990 when performers like Missy Elliott and Madonna started rocking the look.


This men's look was called the ducktail. When was it fashionable?

Also called duck's ass or just D.A., this greased, combed-back hairstyle was reportedly invented in 1940. However, the look didn't become a fad until the 1950s, when it was adopted by Hollywood "bad boys," such as James Dean and Elvis Presley.


A-line bobs were all the rage during this decade.

Made popular by dancer and silent-film star Louise Brooks, who was one of the most well-known stars of the 1920s, this clean, flapper-girl cut was the defining hairstyle of the decade.


Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill made this hairstyle famous during what decade?

Dorothy Hamill's short, bouncy wedge became an instant fad after she debuted the style at the 1976 Winter Olympic Games. There was even a Barbie-style Dorothy Hamill doll that was released in 1977 and featured the hairstyle.


During which decade was the bouffant flip a big trend?

From Mary Tyler Moore to Marlo Thomas, this typically brunette, flipped-ended hairstyle was worn by scores of female entertainers during the 1960s. The look experienced a bit of a resurgence in 2018, when celebs like Rihanna and Zendaya started sporting the style.


During which decade were baby butterfly clips a must-have hair accessory?

Butterfly clips were everywhere in the late 1990s. You could create dozens of styles with these cute and colorful clips, from braids and tiny twist buns to half-up hairstyles with face-framing crowns.


When was stick-straight hair and a simple middle part a sought-after style?

This simple-but-sleek look was popularized by actresses like Maureen McCormick (a.k.a. Marcia Brady), Peggy Lipton and Ali MacGraw. It was one of the many long-hair crazes of the 1970s, which was a decade filled with luscious, waist-length locks.


Princess Diana made soft, shaggy layers a covetable cut during this decade.

Diana Frances Spencer sported this choppy-yet-elegant style when the world first met her in the early 1980s. It became her signature style for most of the decade and inspired lookalike hairdos around the world.


During this decade, it was all about short hair and cloche hats. When was this?

During the 1920s, these bell-shaped hats became a hairstyle of their own. Typically made of felt to conform to the head, they were often embellished with feathers, appliqués and/or jeweled brooches.


This hairstyle was referred to as the Gibson roll. When was it popular?

This was the "it" hairstyle of the first decade of the 20th century. It was named after the popular "Gibson Girl" illustrations by artist Charles Dana Gibson, who created the character to portray what he felt was the "true beauty of American women."


Do you remember the hi-top fade? When was this hairstyle popular?

This look became a staple of golden era hip-hop during the 1980s. Pioneering rappers like Schoolly D and Doug E. Fresh sported early versions of the style, which became higher and more geometric as the decade wore on.


This layered hairdo was called the artichoke cut. When was it in style?

Popular in the early 1960s, this tousled hairstyle was reportedly developed by Alexandre of Paris, a famous French hairdresser who worked with a slew of Hollywood stars. The look was frequently worn by Hollywood royalty such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Tippi Hedren.


When did Bantu knots start hitting the music scene?

Also known as Zulu knots, this style was not a 1990s invention. The tight, small buns are thought to have originated centuries ago with Zulu tribespeople in southern Africa. But when Stefani started wearing them during shows and on the red carpet, they became a '90s hair sensation.


When was the rolled updo a hair fashion fixture?

Another famous flapper girl style, this look was a staple of the roaring '20s. It was often embellished with a sparkly band tied around the head or a colorful feather tucked into the long, rolled bun.


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