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Canada has 338 ridings, meaning that there is an MP that gets elected to every single one of them. Being elected means that they've earned a seat for their party, which ultimately determines many things, from who the Prime Minister will be to what party has a majority or minority. The election determines the future of the country for the next few years to come.

When voting, one important thing to do is understand the candidates and their platforms. Not only does it help you make an informed decision on who you want to vote for, but it also makes you a bit more familiar with the candidates, especially those who are running within your riding. It's usually their names that you'll see on the ballot when you vote in a Federal Election rather than the name of the potential Prime Minister who you want to vote for (unless the leader of the political party that you want to vote for is running in your riding). There's a lot to think about when it comes to elections!

Think you've learned enough about the elected MPs around Canada? Let's see if you can recognize the faces in the House of Commons on this quiz!

Shown here is a member of the Bloc Quebecois, but do you know his name?

At one point in his political career, Gabriel Ste-Marie, along with a few other members of the Bloc, left the party, which they later decided to rejoin. Upon rejoining, he won the seat in his riding of Joliette in 2019 Federal Election, one of the 32 seats they won in the election.


Running for the first time in the 2019 Federal Election, which MP was elected in Winnipeg Center?

Leah Gazan ran for the NDP in the 2019 Federal Election winning the seat with about 3,000 more votes than the Liberal candidate, who came in second. She is known to be an advocate for Indigenous rights and often fights for them in the House of Commons.


Becoming the leader of the NDP in 2017, this individual was a long time representative of Bramlea-Gore-Malton. Who is he?

Jagmeet Singh has a long history in politics, starting as a member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament and working his way up to become the leader of it. From there, he was elected into the Federal leadership position for the NDP, becoming a central player in federal politics.


Under the Conservative Party, this individual has been elected twice for Calgary Rocky Ridge. Who are they?

Before becoming an MP and member of the Conservative Party, Pat Kelly was a mortgage broker. With that knowledge on hand, there's no doubt that he has become the Shadow Minister for National Revenue today!


This person introduced Bill C-346 to Canada. Do you know who they are?

The MP for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, Bob Zimmer represents the Conservative Party. He has been consistently elected to this riding since 2011 and serves as the Shadow Minister for Northern Affairs and Northern Economic Development.


Anyone from New Brunswick will know this individual who has served Beausejour since 2000. Can you name him?

As a member of the Liberal Party, Dominic Leblanc has been an MP and part of Cabinet for many years, following in the footsteps of his own father. Did you know that he has known and been friends with Justin Trudeau for most of his life?


Former leader of the Green Party, who is the elected MP of Saanich-Gulf Islands?

Elizabeth May resigned from being the Green Party leader after the 2019 Federal Election, but continued her role as the elected MP of her B.C. riding. Passionate about the environment, she started a political party that reflected her beliefs known as the "Small Party."


This representative of Rosemont-La Petite-Patry is also the Deputy Leader of the NDP. Can you name him?

Both Thomas Mulcair and Jack Layton appointed Alexandre Boulerice, as a Shadow Minister to the previous governments, with Jagmeet Singh appointing him as well. Alexandre Boulerice has been running in the federal elections since 2008, but he was first elected in the 2011 Federal Election.


Once a Cabinet Minister under Justin Trudeau until her resignation, which of the following people is pictured here?

Despite being at the center of the SNC Lavalin Scandal with Justin Trudeau, the people of the riding of Vancouver Granville voted her in as an Independent Member of Parliament. In the 2015 Federal Election, she was voted in as part of the Liberal Party instead.


The Northwest Territories sole representative is this Liberal MP. What is his name?

Micheal McLeod first became the MP of the territory in the 2015 Federal Election and was re-elected in 2019. Before being elected, he was a mayor of a town in the Northwest Territories and later ran in provincial elections.


Following in his father's footsteps, becoming an MP was in the cards for this person. Who is he?

Bill Blaikie is the father of Daniel, who ran in the same riding successfully from 1979 until the 2009 election for the NDP. Daniel took over and successfully won the 2015 and 2019 Federal elections for Elmwood-Transcona, taking over the duties from his father.


Once working as a Parliamentary Secretary under Bill Morneau, who is the person pictured here?

Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe is served by Ginette Petitpas Taylor and has been since the 2015 Federal Election. In 2019, she also became a Deputy Government Whip serving in the House of Commons to ensure that her party is fairly represented when votes occur.


Shown here is the first female Lieutenant Governor to serve Newfoundland and Labrador. What is her name?

Starting off her career working for a university, it wasn't long before Judy Foote made the jump into politics. Joining the Liberal Party, she found herself in Cabinet positions under Justin Trudeau and the Liberal candidate in many ridings around Newfoundland and Labrador.


Educated in both Canada and the Netherlands, can you name the person pictured here?

Sean Fraser won by many votes in the riding of Central Nova, where he represented the Liberal Party. Before joining the party, he had a successful legal career, which was only an asset to him in his political career.


Showing love for the people of his province of Newfoundland and his riding throughout his life, which MP is he?

Seamus O'Regan is most likely a familiar face for many, as he served as the host of "Canada AM" for more than eight years. He was chosen by Justin Trudeau on three separate occasions to become a Cabinet minister, with one of those positions being the Minister of Natural Resources.


First elected in 2000, he lost the seat in 2011 but gained it again in 2015. Who is he?

The Liberal representative of the Yukon, Larry Bagnell was actually born in Ontario rather than the Yukon. Despite being a popular candidate in the riding, the 2019 election was a close one for him as he just managed to surpass the Conservative candidate.


Part of Justin Trudeau's Cabinet on two occasions, can you name the person pictured here?

Winnipeg South Center's MP, Jim Carr has had a long career in politics before this. Chosen by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on two occasions to fulfill duties in Cabinet, he also has plenty of Provincial experience as well.


Representing the Liberal Party in Etobicoke North since 2008 is this individual who goes by which name?

In addition to her role as MP, Kirsty Duncan has held a few other roles. She has served as a Cabinet minister, but most recently took on the role of Deputy Leader of the Government in the House of Commons as appointed by Justin Trudeau.


Starting her career as a public servant, she later got into Federal Politics joining the Liberal Party. Do you know her name?

Mary was first elected in 2017, in a by-election rather than in a Federal Election. However, 2019 changed this, as she not only found herself re-elected, but also appointed to the position of Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade.


Skilled in finance, she became a councillor in Oakville before an MP. Who is she?

First elected in her riding in 2015, Pam Damoff had lots of experience from being in finance and from her time as a Councillor. She's an active participant in her community and stepped up to announce her candidacy after the death of the previous candidate.


This long-time Hamilton Councillor was elected as an MP in the 2015 Federal Election. Who is he?

Part of the N.D.P. is Scott Duvall, who has been elected as the MP of Hamilton Mountain twice. He's known to be passionate about pensions, even introducing a bill to the House of Commons in regards to insurance.


A member of the Liberal Party, this person served as the President of the Queen's Privy Council for one year. Do you know who she is?

A member of Cabinet in addition to being an MP, Karina Gould has taken on many duties in the House of Commons. She was first elected in her riding in 2015, also being elected again in the 2019 Federal Election.


Part of the Liberal Party who was elected in York South-Weston, can you name the individual shown here?

Most recently, Ahmed Hussen has been named the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development after first working as the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. This was a big deal, as he then became the first Somali-Canadian to fill a cabinet position.


In his riding of Cardigan, he has been elected continuously as MP since 1988. Do you know who he is?

Being an MP is a big job, but Lawrence MacAulay has worked hard since 1988 to get the job done. He's also been part of the Cabinet under both Jean Chretien and Justin Trudeau in positions such as the Minister of Agriculture.


Once the Minister of Democratic Reform under Stephen Harper, can you name this individual who represents Edmonton-Sherwood Park?

Tim Uppal has always been a popular candidate in his riding, only being narrowly defeated in 2015 by Liberal candidate, Amarjeet Sohi, since 2008. Before taking up his duties as MP, Tim took on many different jobs such as being a radio host and working in finance.


Being elected for the first time in 2011 as the Liberal representative of Charlottetown, do you know who this is?

Sean Casey has taken on some big roles throughout his time as MP. For example, he has been name the Parliamentary Secretary twice for two different Ministers. In fact, he was also the President of the P.E.I. Liberal Party before he was even elected as an MP.


This Albertan MP has worked as a Shadow Minister for a few different positions in Cabinet. Who is she?

Prior to running in the by-election, Stephanie ran for the position of Councillor but was not voted in. Things changed in 2017 when she won the by-election and was made the Shadow Minister to the Minister of Democratic Institutions.


A long-time MP for the Ottawa riding of Carleton, he has had a long political career in Canada. Who is he?

Before becoming a representative himself, Pierre gained experience working under other Conservative MPs. He was first elected in 2004 in the Carleton riding, and this has continued in every election since. Did you know that he is also currently a Shadow Minister for Finance?


She's been around the world throughout her career, but now represents Compton-Stanstead. Can you name her?

Before Marie-Claude Bibeau was elected, she worked at a development bank as well as working with other important organizations around the world. Upon being elected, she was most recently appointed as the Minister of Agriculture.


Part of the C.A.Q. nowadays, he was once a leader of the A.D.Q. Who is he?

Gerard Deltell has had a long career in Quebec politics as well as federal politics. After his leadership in the A.D.Q., he joined the C.A.Q. with which he won the provincial elections in his riding on a few occasions, most recently in the 2019 Federal Election as a member of the Conservative Party.


Not many MPs can say that they were astronauts prior, but can you name this individual who can?

Marc Garneau was part of the Navy as well as an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency before he became an MP. Justin Trudeau recognized this experience and appointed him as the Minister of Transport.


Representing her hometown of Edmonton, she is the only MP who is not part of the Conservative Party in the province. Can you name her?

Heather McPherson represents the N.D.P., finding success in her riding in the 2019 Federal Election. Winning by a few thousand votes, she brought in the fourth consecutive victory for the N.D.P. in this riding.


A Prime Minister for two terms so far, can you name this person who is also an MP?

Justin Trudeau has been voted into his riding of Papineau since 2008 as an MP. He did not become the leader of the Liberal Party until 2013, despite his name being mentioned for the position after Michael Ignatieff resigned.


Do you know who this person is that was a mayor before being elected as an MP representing the Conservative Party?

Kelly Block has been a popular candidate in the riding of Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek. In fact, she proved it by being given Maclean's Parliamentarian of the Year title, something that's given to popular MPs.


One of the sole elected MPs of the Green Party, can you name this person?

Starting off as a filmmaker, it wasn't long before Paul Manly was working on things that he was passionate about. First interested in being part of the N.D.P., he later became a member of the Green Party once he got into politics. Did you know that he was the second person in the Green Party to be elected as an MP?


Destined for politics when she was growing up, this person became the MP for South Shore-St. Margaret's. Can you name her?

Representing the Liberal Party, she has been appointed as a Cabinet Minister by Justin Trudeau as the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard. She was first elected in the riding in the 2015 Federal Election.


The riding of Yorktown-Melville has elected this individual many times, but who is she?

As a member of the Conservative Party, Cathay Wagantall became the candidate for this riding in 2014. Introducing a bill in the House of Commons for pregnant women and unborn babies to protect them from harm, the bill was ultimately not passed.


Youngest Speaker of the House of Commons and once a leader of the Conservative Party, can you name this MP?

Andrew Scheer has lots of experience in politics behind him, becoming a Conservative candidate at just age 25. He has since been re-elected as an MP in every election since but has not been elected as the Prime Minister of Canada.


Running for the first time in the 2019 Federal Election in Nunavut, who is this fresh face?

Mumilaaq Qaqqaq has a passion for women and her community, getting involved with politics from a young age. She's known for doing plenty of volunteer work and represents the N.D.P., overtaking the Liberal candidate who was the MP prior to her.


A member of the Conservative Party, this MP has held his riding since 2011. Who is this familiar face?

Dan Albas has been a long-time MP of the riding of Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola. Before running as an MP, he was into the local city council where he successfully ran as a Councillor until his election in 2011 federally.


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